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Driving Awareness and Demand, UK


Making a Big Bang in London for the City’s Chillest New Hotel

What: Criterion Hospitality – owner of a group of West End hotels, urban residential properties and Piccadilly Circus self-service apartments – is notable for its trend-forward properties with competitive pricing in the heart of London.

When Criterion Hospitality announced the opening of Zedwell – London’s first sleep and well-being hotel in the U.K. market – it was the biggest hotel opening in the capital in more than 10 years with more than 700 rooms.

Criterion Hospitality tasked Allison with building awareness and buzz for the new property and elevating the company’s profile by highlighting Zedwell’s unique features.  

However, the London hospitality industry is hypercompetitive. And as Airbnb and other similar platforms continue to give consumers more options at competitive rates, it’s increasingly difficult to break through.

To capture consumer attention, we knew we’d have to control the message carefully. A truly unique concept, Zedwell offered soundproofed cocoon rooms, calming décor, and low-tech and sustainable oak furnishing. With this in mind, we undertook an integrated launch campaign to set Zedwell apart from the crowded London hotel market and position it as a hub to get the perfect night’s sleep amongst the city’s central buzz.


The Results – What We Achieved

Through our integrated campaign, we positioned Zedwell as the premiere destination in London – for all travellers, no matter the occasion.

For the two-day Restival event, we secured 36 guests, including 12 lifestyle influencers, to experience Zedwell firsthand through engaging sleep- and health-related workshops and an overnight stay. Influencers tagged @zedwellhotels 42 times and their content, including Zedwell mentions and location tags, reached a combined audience of almost 800,000 followers.

In total, the team secured 32 pieces of coverage (averaging three pieces per week), including stories in top-tier publications, such as Evening Standard, Mail Online and Forbes, with impressions amounting to more than 480 million. From the coverage secured, the articles were 100% positive in sentiment.




Pieces of coverage


Positive sentiment


Influencer reach



The Results – What We Achieved