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Published Veröffentlicht 28/02/2024

Amplifying Civic Engagement at Allison: Your Vote Matters! 

By Chris Morrison

In the spirit of fostering active citizenship, Allison is dedicated to empowering our U.S. team members and communities to engage meaningfully in civic activities. Beyond our client responsibilities, we recognize the profound impact each of us can have on our communities through civic engagement.  

In 2018, we proudly backed the Time to Vote initiative, encouraging our employees to take time off work to participate in U.S. elections. As part of our ongoing commitment, we’ve bolstered our benefits this year, ensuring each team member receives four hours of paid time off specifically for voting. This initiative aims to facilitate broader participation and encourage everyone to shape the future through voting. 

To support this cause, we invite every employee to actively participate by ensuring they have adequate time to vote. Regardless of political beliefs, we emphasize the importance of making your voice heard in the upcoming U.S. elections and adopting an active approach to voting. You can take the first step by registering to vote or checking your registration status here. 

At Allison, we applaud our employees who allocate part of their volunteer hours toward election-related activities. There are numerous opportunities to get involved, ranging from working at polling stations to assisting with voter registration drives. Consider exploring avenues, such as participating in state caucuses, engaging in phone banking, text banking, or contributing to letter-writing campaigns aimed at promoting voter registration and participation. 

To further drive engagement, the Allison Volunteer and Culture Committees collaborate by office to share localized resources and ideas. We encourage everyone to join us in rallying for civic engagement and getting out to vote! Your individual contribution can make a significant difference in your community and in shaping our country’s future. 

For additional resources, ideas and information on how to maximize your civic impact, feel free to check your local resources and national resources. Together, let’s make a positive impact and strengthen our collective voice in the democratic process. 

Chris Morrison is a Content Marketing Specialist in Allison’s San Diego office. He works to create impactful strategies and content for a variety of clients in industries ranging from aerospace to healthcare and beyond.  

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