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Published Veröffentlicht 29/03/2024

Allison Launches Diagnostic Tool to Identify Gaps Between Brand Promise and Experience 

By Kathryn Stewart

Research shows when brands deliver the experiences people need, they reward them with both their business and loyalty. To determine how an organization delivers experiences, Allison has launched “The Experience Exchange,” an executive diagnostic dashboard that shows the gap between a brand’s promise and the delivered experience. 

The Experience Exchange can evaluate how multiple audiences, including customers, employees, investors and partners, experience an organization to determine if there are “experience gaps.” 

“We see a trend where brands have a difficult time assessing the experiences they promise their stakeholders – there is a gap in the experience and the expectation, and in this gap is where business is won and lost,” said Kathryn Stewart, Allison research manager and Experience Exchange lead. 

The Experience Exchange is Allison’s solution to identify and close these experience gaps. It will arm organizations with an in-depth understanding of these gaps and provide data-driven recommendations that will lead to increased engagement and loyalty, and ultimately improved operational and business outcomes. 

Through the Experience Exchange, Allison helped a client uncover the greatest moment of danger for its employees was when it made the transition into management for the first time. Armed with this insight, company stakeholders implemented a next-generation management training program and increased manager/mentor opportunities, avoiding an at-risk moment for existing talent while increasing employee loyalty and overall satisfaction. 

The Experience Exchange delivers these kinds of insights and more, quantifying and synthesizing experience data from a broad range of stakeholders through an at-a-glance executive dashboard delivered regularly. This quantitative data is layered with human intelligence to provide an in-depth analysis of a brand’s core experience metrics and the respective experience gaps. 

“Experience Exchange will change the way the C-suite views experience data focused on the health and well-being of key stakeholders, such as employees, customers and vendors,” said Lars Rosene, managing director of Allison Advisory. “This experience platform allows visibility into meaningful metrics and is a next-level opportunity for senior executives to easily stay focused on what matters most.” 

Not only an external offering, Allison’s experience research has also been a catalyst for positive change within the agency itself. Since its deployment five years ago, the Allison experience ecosystem has provided executive stakeholders with in-depth insight into both agency clients and employees, leading to measurable changes in customer service, employee benefits and overall satisfaction. 

The Experience Exchange was developed by Allison’s Performance+Intelligence team, who have been instrumental in agency innovation, including the launches of Allison AI, Brandgeist IQ and the Earned Performance Scorecard.

Kathryn is the driving force behind the Experience Exchange. With more than 12 years of business management experience, including 7 years within the agency, she has a deep understanding of experience-based research, bringing the ability to convert complex datasets into understandable and strategic insights.

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