Announcement – Allison Unveils Inaugural Africa Business Cultural Intelligence Report. Learn More. 

Published Veröffentlicht 26/05/2024

Africa Business Cultural Intelligence: Insights Into Navigating Africa’s Diverse Business Market


In celebration of the 2024 Africa Day, Allison Africa launched the Africa Business Cultural Intelligence Report: Insights into Navigating Africa’s Diverse Business Market. 

This inaugural topline report provides global and pan-African businesses and organizations with the business cultural intelligence and local market knowledge required to thrive in Africa’s dynamic and rapidly growing markets. Published annually, with an initial focus on Kenya, Nigeria, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Morocco, and South Africa, it provides insightful analysis across five key areas within identified high-potential markets. 

  • Business Growth Drivers: We explore the key factors propelling business expansion across the continent and how international Africa-focused organizations, brands and leverage insights to make informed business decisions. 
  • Media Landscape: Gain a deep understanding of the media ecosystems in each market, allowing you to tailor your communication strategies. 
  • Tech Ecosystem: Explore the rapidly growing tech landscape and identify opportunities for collaboration and innovation. 
  • Female Entrepreneurship: We analyze the landscape for female-led businesses, providing insights into this crucial market segment. 
  • The US-Africa Diaspora: Discover the significance of this powerful network for businesses operating in both Africa and the US. 

Leveraging the Power of US-Africa Diaspora: 

The 2024 report sheds light on the US-Africa Diaspora, emphasizing its critical role in closing the gap between the continent and the United States. 

This report equips you with business cultural intelligence, allowing you to realize the vast potential of Africa’s diverse business landscape. 

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