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Transforming Brands, EMEA


Connecting unified communications to a European audience

What: The concept of unified communications is transforming from an old school hardware and software business to a software as a service delivered from the Cloud. In this dynamic, noisy market, ShoreTel needed to stand out. The challenge was that the brand did not have a strong enough European voice, as uncovered by our research.

The company tapped us to help increase its share of voice and establish its position as a thought leader in the industry across Europe. It was crucial to increase quality media coverage and ensure positive positioning for ShoreTel throughout, as well as increase the brand’s reach on social.


The Results – What We Achieved

With our local content and a more powerful European voice, ShoreTel’s brand profile soared. The media communications created more than 200 pieces of earned quality coverage, our highest volume to date. All coverage spoke positively of the brand. This was from a dedicated European content library, press briefings and proactive engagement with key media and influencers on unified communications, future of work and business productivity.

The Social Buzz work alone generated almost 10 million impressions in the first year. Subsequently, extending the programme to the channel saw a 50 percent increase in social reach within one month.


Earned quality coverage




Increase in social reach in one month


The Results – What We Achieved